Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Our wedding day ale hen.
Sarah and I took this ale hen to our wedding. After the ceremony we all took off to the coast for a celebratory fish'n'chip supper and a picnic on the beach. We filled the hen with Champagne and each of us took a sip to seal the day.... J

kuksa carving+sloyd carving+sloyd+spoon carving

Kuksa (Birch bur)

I cut this bur with my old friend Chris Grant when I went to visit him at his home near The Cairngorms some years ago.
I carved the fish kuksa with knife and hook.
She's sanded and has a deep coating of beeswax and tung oil mixed on a warm stove.


Kuksa (hand carved birch)

My every day morning kuksa.
Every morning it joins me for breakfast filled with steaming hot Lavazza or Segafredo.
My friend bought me some strop de monin.
A good start to the day.