Tuesday, 19 January 2016

First Ale hen for 2016

Happy New Year !
First off, I'd like to thank all you folk who pop onto Spoon Carving First Steps both here and on my other social media outlets.
I haven't posted for quite a while here, I guess winter has a lot to do with it.
Well, today the sun is shining it's little head off, I was thinking of popping out for a walk, but I saw an opportunity to light up my newest creation.
I have been working on her for quite a while, well, mainly staring at her to be honest, wondering where to go with the decoration.
I made a couple of errors along the way, however, I managed to turn them into design opportunities and everything worked out just fine.
I don't have a set of photos from beginning to end on this Hen, but you'll understand the process is just the same as other hens and kuksa I've carved.

Ale hen+kuksa+spoon carving+MiniMac+jonmac

You'll find detailed step by step info earlier in the blog.
This Hen is carved from Apple wood, grown in the small orchard here on the farm.
Usually I make sure I remove the heart wood, but in this instance I took the chance of leaving it in, Apple is pretty tough.

Ale hen+kuksa+spoon carving+jonmac+MiniMac sold knife+sloyd

Once again I kept the tool roll small using three simple tools, Axe, Hook knife and my trusty ©MiniMac.

Kolrosing+minimac sold knife+sloyd+jonmac

It took a little while to add the feathered detail to the Hen.
I don't need to buy a detail knife for this work.
One can simply adapt the knife with a little leather and tape.

Kolrosing+sloyd+minimac sold knife+jonmac+kuksa

Once the design is finished I rubbed in very dry, very fine coffee grounds.

Kolrossing+sloyd+MiniMac sold knife+detail knife+jonmac

So, here she is....

Sloyd+Ale hen+kuksa+spoon carving+jonmac+kolrosing

She's has a nice coat of Liberon Tung oil which will set over quite a short time giving a good protective natural coat.

Sloyd+Ale hen+kuksa+spoon carving+jonmac+kolrosing

She's for sale, so charge up your Pay Pal.

Sloyd+Ale hen+kuksa+spoon carving+jonmac+kolrosing

Thank you once more.
Have a great 2016.
Jon Mac.

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